Gábor Császár


In his latest Bagatelle- and Tricolour works, the painter Gábor Császár experiments with the embedding of flashing shapes and lines into new dimensions. He does this by using a wide range of materials together. Earlier, the precise dimensional models of the artist’s thesis, based on scientific and photometric observations, were followed by a series of compositions on paper and on wood panels with closed geometrical shapes , but there is no trace of these clear and homogeneous colour schemes or the perfect system in the latest paintings. They represent a whirling movement of shapes and glowing colours composed into a coordinate system of dimensional lines that indicate the artist’s quest for new possibilities in ‘image-building’ and composition, and the re-working of dimensions in space.

Under the primer a strict network of lines is composed by the grains of the wooden panels, producing an exciting tension in concert with the style of etching and the use of different coloured paints in layers of varying thickness – this tension makes the works appear disconcerting at first sight. However, studying the works in detail will clearly show that these works form an integral part and a continuation of the artist’s previous inventions. This is because he keeps on exploring the inner coherence of pictorial space as well as the rhythm of the joint performance of shapes, materials and colours.


Gábor Császár’s biography


1987-1991. College of Fine Arts, Budapest, Majoring in Painting

(Supervisor: Sándor Veress)

1993-1998. MA in Fine Art, Department of Painting, Faculty of Arts, University of Pécs

(Supervisor: Ilona Keserü)

1994-1995. Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, (Student of independent status)

1999-2000. Université Paris 8 Vincennes- Saint-Denis, Département des Arts Plastiques

2004-2007. DLA studies, PTE, Pécs, Department of Painting (Supervisor: Ilona Keserü)

University Leaving Certificate 2008.



1991-1993. JPTE, Pécs, Department of Arts, scientific assistant

1993-1994. JPTE, Pécs, MA in Fine Art, assistant lecturer

1996-1998. JPTE, Pécs, Faculty of Arts, lecturer

2002. Lecturer, Association Philotechnique, Paris, France

2003-2004. Lecturer, Art School of Buda, Budapest

2003- Art Teacher, Imre Madách Secondary School, Budapest

2005-2009. Teacher of Morphology of Art, Visart Art Academy, Budapest

2009-2010. Art Teacher, Technical School for Economic and Informatics , Pestszentlőrinc, Budapest



1994Assistant to the works of Ilona Keserü’s frescos of the cemetery-chapel in Tata

1996-1999. Member of the ‘Közelítés’ Society, Pécs

1998. Making of stained glass windows for the church of Kökénypuszta,

1998. Secretary of Alliance Francaise, Pécs

2001. 05-09. Assistant of Stéphane Coutuier photographer, Paris, France

2001. and 2002. Humanitarian mission, in the course of the ASILES program: Nahr-el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, in the Northern part of Lebanon

2001-2002. creating ornamentation in the house of the art-dealer Marc Maison, Écouen, France

2002. the restoration of the stuccoworks in the building of the Embassy of Hungary in Bukarest with VVV ART Kft.

2008. Hellboy 2 – set construction Stone Mine, Sóskút,

2009. Örökimádás templom, Budapest, restoration of Miksa Róth stained glass window, pastel boards

Other Exhibitions :

1993. Pedagogical Centre, Pécs

1996. Babits Community Centre, Szekszárd

1997. Közelítés Gallery, Pécs

2010. Health Centre, Buda, Radiology

Group Exhibition:

1991Barcsay Room, College of Fine Arts, Budapest

1992. JPTE, Pécs

1994. Haus Ungarn, Berlin, Germany

1994. Gallery of Pécs, Pécs

1994. Troisième Triennale Mondiale d'Estampes en Petit Format, Chamalières-Auvergnes, France

1996. BUDAPEST ART EXPO, Budapest

1996. Gallery of Pécs, Pécs

1996. Small Gallery, Pécs

1997. Duna Gallery, Exhibition of the newest members of the Studio, Budapest

1997. Synagog, Zalaegerszeg

1997. Gallery of Pécs, Pécs

1998. Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre

2003. Artéria Gallery, Szentendre

2003. Gallery of Pécs, Pécs

2005. Gallery of Pécs, Pécs

2006. Gallery of Pécs, Pécs

2007. Gallery of Pécs, Pécs

2008. Small Gallery, Pécs, DLA final

2009. Apáczai Lyceum, Cluj Románia

2009. Community Centre, Attic Gallery, Rum

2010. Nádor Gallery, Pécs, 15 év KME (“15 years of KME” [College of Fine Arts])


translated by Barbara Becsjanszki