InCite – Culture and Critic is the independent review portal run by the Department of Aesthetics at Pázmány Péter Catholic University.

InCite is an open seminar: an extra-curricular, professional cooperation between the department's professors and the university's students.

InCite's aim is to operate a weekly updated online review portal that – through publishing reviews – tries to rediscover their original role of conveying values.

It isn't InCite's function to report every current cultural event. Instead, it tries to present the most outstanding creators, works and creative phenomena in the fields of art (film, literature, exibition, theatre and music), philosophy and aesthetics in Hungary and the world.

InCite's mission is to review in a positive but not glorifying way. Our goal is to excel among similar portals with our studious choice and demanding opinion developed in an appreciative yet popular manner.

InCite feels called upon to pay close attention to all current cultural efforts that help people know their way around in everyday life and the world of thoughts. By turning to the works conceived by our cultural traditions as well as contemporary artists, creators and thinkers at the same time, InCite primarily leans on and gathers from Europe's 2000-year-old Christian heritage.